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web mining

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Laukik Bhandari




Web mining is a technique to discover patterns from web. It s an application of Data mining. There is huge amounts of data and huge number of users on the world wide web. So to find desired information there are automated tools, they track and analyze patterns. The task to find useful and qualified information is very difficult. Web mining simplifies this complexity. It has ability to react to real time usage patterns.


Web mining involves extracting interesting and useful patterns. Web mining is usually divided into three different types,

Web usage mining(Mining of use of web) -  It is a way to find what users are looking on the web; text, multimedia, etc. It discovers user access patterns. The web servers record the data about users interactions. So after analyzing web access logs of different web sites, one can understand the user behavior.

Web content mining (mining of content of documents on web)- It extracts useful information from web page contents.

Web structure mining - World wide web reveals more information than just information contained in documents. It is a process of using graph theory to analyze the connection structure of web site. It extracts patterns from hyperlinks.


Web mining has many applications. It is one of the basic concepts for Digital Libraries, e-commerce, advertisements, searching, etc.


For example,

  • Web search - Google, yahoo, etc
  • E - commerce
  • Recommendations -  Netflix, Amazon
  • Advertising - Google Adsense
  • Fraud detection
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Web communities - AOL helps provide suitable ads


Take a simple example, we go to Google and search for something. Suppose we search for 'Rolex watch'. Now this gets recorded, and then if you browse the internet you will always see advertisements for 'Rolex watch' or 'watch stores' etc. It's something like personalized advertisement. This is an application of web mining.





Watch video - Amdocs Interactive Personalized Advertising Solution

this is one example of web mining.



What according to you are the pros and cons of Web Mining applications?


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