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dark side

Page history last edited by Michael Colbourne 9 years, 8 months ago

Topic:  The Dark Side of the Internet



 Is man able to predict the future, the end of the World? Is the world end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan calendar correct?  Michel de Nostradamus was considered to be mystic of 16th century who believed so. Also, the Mayan was skilled astronomers who, by observing the stars, were able to predict the future with immense accuracy. The Mayan long cycle calendar ends December 21, 2012, which some experts believe, as the end of the world.




What is The Web Bot Project?

The Oracle of today is the WebBot Project. Web Bot is an Internet Bot software program, which its creators claim, may predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It is believed that Spiders, which are mini-programs, are use to scan the internet for clues about the future. It has been said that the Web Bot attempt to” translate the internet” from peoples unconscious thoughts.



In conclusion, Web Bot Project scans are predicting darker days for mankind as we know it.  The track record is largely correct when issuing predictions. If the Web Bot outcome is correct, from what the scan reflect, there will be a large catastrophe in the year 2012.


Read this Article:



Video Clip:




Is it all just a coincidence, or, do you accept that the Web Bot internet software program that tracks keywords, can predict the future for December 21, 2012 dooms day?


(Optional Read)

Past Accurate Predictions:

  1. 2001 - anthrax attack.
  2. 2004 - Indian Ocean tsunami 200,000 dead.
  3. 2005 - Hurricane Katrina destruction.

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