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Around 2000, companies shifted their focus on the internet.  This didn't exclude the companies in the entertainment industry.  Certain companies were entirely internet-based.  Because of the internet, the way that people get entertainment changed.  


Hulu offers free television shows as early as the next day with limited commercials.  Their biggest programming channels that provide Hulu with their shows are Fox, NBC, and ABC.  In the past few months, Hulu has developed a $10 a month service (Hulu Plus) that allows user to watch shows in High Definition and on different systems than their computer.  Their hopes are to compete against Netflix, who offers movies and television shows that you can stream for $10 a month.  Hulu Plus will still have their commercials but will offer more episodes from current and previous seasons.


Pandora is a free internet radio service.  Since Pandora started, it's developed ads and put a restriction on the number of hours per week a user can listen to.  If a user doesn't want ads and wants unlimited hours then a user can buy a membership.  On top of this, Pandora uses artists that are similar to the artist that the user likes to create a more enjoyable experience for the user.







How do you see entertainment evolving from now?  Would you follow a person or group to the internet if it means a larger monthly subscription?


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