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cloud computing

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What is Cloud Computing ?

There's a good chance you are already aware what cloud computing is all about. If you have an e-mail account with a e-mail service providers like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, then you've already experienced cloud computing in which remote machines which are owned by some service providing companies would run all your software applications and programs for you and you do not have to worry about the hardware, software and technical details. All you will need is  a computer which needs to be able to run an interface software, like a Web browser, and you are ready to to run your programs and applications on the cloud network.



Please go through this media which explains what is cloud computing and some of its features.



Features of Cloud Computing:

  1. Reduced cost: Companies using the cloud have to pay only for the hardware and bandwidth which they use so it gives then the option of being flexible as well as scalable. It also reduces the number of IT people required to manage the system. So there are huge savings in terms of capital expenditure as well as operational expenditure.
  2. Flexible & Scalable: Cloud computing devices are metered and can be monitored on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So it gives companies the option to upgrade or downgrade hardware, software and bandwidth based on their requirements or need basis.
  3. Automated: It is highly automated as the IT team does not have to worry about software upgrades, application install etc. It gives the IT staff the options to focus on more important issues at hand. It has great advantage as the changes implemented on the cloud reaches the client instantly.
  4. Device & Location Freedom: Cloud computing has device and location freedom which enables users to access it using a web browser regardless of their location. It saves cost as well as companies do not have to invest for device as well as the location where the device is placed as well as their maintenance.
  5. Backups & Maintenance: Companies do not have to worry about making regular backups as there are regular backups taken at various interval of time by the cloud companies. The companies do not have to worry about the maintenance as well as the cloud companies takes care of it and regular updates and features are available to clients instantly.
  6. Security: Complete data is centralized in one particular location and fine access controls are maintained by the cloud company as to has the permission to access the data. Various access logs are maintained for security purposes. Also the cloud company signs a contract that the company data won't be leaked.


Security concerns of cloud computing

We have seen a lot of features of cloud computing which makes it the obvious choice for most companies as the capital as well as the operational cost is reduced drastically. But there are a few security concerns like the following

  1. You do not have complete control over your sensitive data as it is hosted on some other machine and you are not even aware as to where it is hosted.
  2. Even though there are fine granular access controls but insider attacks can never be avoided.
  3. There are even concerns on how secure is the transmission of files or data between the user and the cloud.



Please go through this media which explains some of the risks of cloud computing.




After reading and watching the media about the features and the risks about cloud computing do you it has the potential to be an emerging technology ? Explain ?









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