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social proxy

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Shiv Nadikuda


Topic:  The Challenges of Technology as a Social Proxy


The development and widespread use of computer network technologies, such as the Internet, have paved the way for a move towards a new stage, characterized by network and social design. Three major design frameworks support this new stage, namely Interaction Design, Community-Centered Design and Socio-Computing.

Key points:

Basically the importance and role of human sociocultural practices during the development of internet technologies has been increasing. Any technology, be it a product or any other new invention can sustain only if the common man could appreciate it and use it effectively. Collaborative and evolving systems are of no value or use without users. There are numerous instances which can be quoted where people have been successful by understanding the nuances of the mass. For E.g. Facebook has attained a gigantic success by incorporating and considering the pulse of the common man. The research has to take steps cognitively, involving the Sociotechnical System of the human race. This includes the field research which enables us to know real world settings and real problems.

My thoughts:

It is vital to consider the framework of the distributed nature of human agency, and more significantly that knowledge does not necessarily reside in someone’s head, but is often revealed and created in social practices. For example, one of the approach of the design was by studying the use of an evolving and collaborative web-base technology, Web2gether, to help caregivers receive adequate support to use technologies in their classrooms. Data were collected through participant observation, semi-structure interviews, and informal open-ended interviews. A series of site-visits at different schools was conducted, where the work of special education professionals was observed and followed to understand the issues pertaining to the use of technologies in the support of their students.


New challenges which arise during the development of any technology can be tackled effectively by knowing the intrinsic motivations of human race. The research should go beyond the single mind interacting with an isolated technology in a social, cultural, and historical vacuum.



Please go through the following link for having a better understanding




Do you accept that new challenges which arise during the development of any technology can be tackled effectively by knowing the intrinsic motivations of human race? 



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