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VOIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol and uses broadband internet connection to make calls either using specialized telephones or computers. Since all the calls are routed over the internet, these calls are done free of cost or at very nominal cost which is much lesser than making actual calls through regular telephone network.

VOIP can be used by individual as well as business users. With increase in bandwidth and significant cost cutting, majority of telephone systems used in companies are VOIP systems like ones provided by Cisco, Webex VOIP, etc. Missouri S&T, for example has Cisco based VOIP phones installed. Since large multinational business run on the internet, VOIP has become integral part of these businesses when it comes to long distance calls, video conferencing, fax, etc. Webex is a great VOIP example using which people can connect to meetings happening in any part of the world.

One of the most important human/behavioral aspects of VOIP is the cost at which individuals can communicate with their friends, family members across any parts of the world. People who use skype, googletalk or any other IM can use WI-FI to communicate with users in any other country using same system and that too at free of cost. There are telephony systems like localphone which allow people to make calls using their regular telephones to their local number which then gets routed to appropriate location using VOIP. This has resulted in more than 75% cost cutting which is one of the most influential human factors. People’s awareness is increasing day by day and many people are switching to VOIP based telephones like Vonage.

Some of the most important advantages of VOIP are:
1. Lower Operating Cost
2. Operational Flexibility.

However, since these systems are in developing phase still, there are also some disadvantages associated with them like:
1. Reliability – based on internet connectivity
2. Quality of service – possibility of weak connection, jitters, etc.
3. Power Failures – Electricity based
and few more.

However, cost and flexibility being one of the most influential factors for all humans, popularity of VOIP systems is increasing rapidly. Also, small businesses have the advantages of lowering their internal phone costs as well as costs related to international dialing. And individuals have chance to levy these services at free of cost.

Thus, I believe VOIP is one rapidly growing technology with its wide spread use.


Below are the videos related to aspects of VOIP and its advantages and disadvantages





From the media and text, what according to you is the most important advantage that is making it successful? Also, will drawbacks prevent is widespread use in future?


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