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Brief Explanation:

The term phishing was first described in the year 1986 and first officially coined in the year 1996. It refers to the illicit digging of the sensitive personal information from unknown individuals. This information usually contains important data such as bank username and password or other such details through which the hacker can get access to the individual accounts. Hacker then ´╗┐has the control over these accounts and thus the resources present in them for his ow personal use.

The process will usually start with a mail or sometimes even a call form a hacker. This communication will usually have a sense of urgency associated with it. An example of this would be like a mail saying something about the bank account been deactivated. It will urge the recipient to provide his username and password for its activation. If the user provides this information, then it will directly be sent to the hacker. The hacker can then use this information for entering the account and withdraw money or other such actions of personal interests.


Please go through the following link for having a clearer idea




Discuss the ways in which you can you can save yourself from being a victim of phishing.

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