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mixed reality

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This lecture will give a glimpse into the world of mixed reality .


Human computer interaction  is no longer restricted to interaction between users and computers via keyboard and screen . At present , one of the most challenging aspects of interactive systems is the integration of the physical and the digital aspects of interaction in a smooth and usable way. The design challenge of such mixed reality systems lies in the fluid and harmonius fusion of the physical and the digital world..

Mixed reality systems include tangible user interfaces , augmented reality ,augmented virtuality and  embodied interface.

The diversity of the above terms highlights the ever growing interest in mixed reality systems and  the very dynamic and challenging field they define .


A brief explanation of the above can be found at :



One researcher at MIT media labs has taken the above concepts to the next level :




The sixth sense technology demonstrates the synthesis of our world with the virtual world . It projects a multitude of opportunities which can be beneficial to mankind .


Question :


Discuss about the impact of mixed reality systems on the way we will interact with the real world (application areas )  



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